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Large SEO Icons 2013.1 (8.62 MB)

100% clean on Mar 21, 2013

Large SEO Icons 2013.1 (8.62 MB)

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Title : Large SEO Icons 2013.1
Version : 2013.1
Release date : Mar 12, 2013
Price : USD$49.00
Licence : Demo
System Requirements : None
Application URL :
Size : 8.62 MB
Date added : Jan 24, 2011
Date updated : Apr 07, 2017
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Large SEO Icons is a unique collection of stock images representing a wide variety of concepts and actions related to search engine optimization, social media marketing and website promotion. This icon set includes images that can be used for designing and developing interfaces of applications and websites, as well as printed materials, application splash screens, reports and presentations. The largest maximum resolution of 512x512 pixels also allows for a variety of other uses.Icons in this collection represent various search and analysis operations and concepts. The set also includes icons for various social networking services and general Internet, Web and networking concepts. All icons in the collection of SEO icons come in resolutions of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32,48x48, 256x256 and 512x512 pixels in both, 256-color and 32-bit color scheme with alpha-channel transparency color modes. Normal, highlighted, and disabled versions of each icon are supplied. Image formats include a variety of Windows and platform independent formats such as BMP, ICO and PNG. Large Icons also offers a wide spectrum of high resolution stock icons and free icon sets. There are icon collections representing mobile devices and concepts, people and user roles, icon collections related to commerce and business, realty, dating, education and learning, money, weather, time, logistics and transportation, and many other collections of icons, covering various topics. It's easy to build any SEO application with this icon set. We plan to make the following icon sets: Professional Stock Icons, Real Icon Set, Text Icon Set, Sample Icon Library, Silk Toolbar Icons, Fresh Toolbar Icons, Free Silk Icons, Free Cotton Icons, Free PNG Icons, Free Android Icons, Android Toolbar Icons, Large Exo Icons, Icons for Windows 2012. Also you can order custom icon design at

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