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Email Icons Pack 1.10 (683 KB)

Email Icons Pack 1.10 (683 KB)

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Title : Email Icons Pack 1.10
Version : 1.10
Release date : Jul 31, 2017
Price : USD$39
Licence : Demo
System Requirements : Windows PC
Size : 683 KB
Date added : Jun 08, 2016
Date updated : Mar 16, 2018
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Make Your Email Client Application More PresentableThe email collection of icons that are provided images for developers of email client programs or web email projects. These icons come suitable for various uses like send, attachment, forward, reply, new message and so on. Every icon available in different file formats like .ico and bitmap image as per convenience. When designing a web email application or creating an email client program, developers need to have access to high-quality graphic resources to make their web pages or programs look presentable. Email Icons Pack is an extensive collection of graphic objects that can be used to enhance email applications or websites. They are varied enough to be suitable for standard operations in an email application project, and they are available in multiple formats. Ready-made Graphics for Email Client Developers The provided icons depict various objects, including like reply, forward, redirect, attachment, new message, send, etc. Essentially, you should have pretty much everything you need to create a good-looking email toolbar for your email client application. Appearance-wise, the icons are well-designed, and they should integrate fairly well into your email application or website's interface. All the available icons are provided to you as PNG, GIF, BMP and ICO files. Two color variants are also offered, namely 256 colors and true color with semi-transparency. Additionally, the images come in numerous sizes, anywhere from 16x16 to 256x256 pixels. Depending on the type of project you are working on, either the smaller or larger icons may be more suitable. General Icons for Email Application Developers and Web Designers Usually, email client needs to include an email toolbar that consists of icons. The same graphic objects may be used by web designers in theirweb email projects.

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