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KidInspector is the universal way to keep your children's internet activity under control. It provides software for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. Which means you get all necessary parental control tools for both computers and smartphones.KidInspector has a very wide set of features that cover all bases. The program tracks everything that the child does on a device: all pressed keys (keylogging), running apps, and on smartphones it records calls, SMS, and photos/videos.But more importantly, KidInspector tracks kid's web visits. It records all websites and Google searches, social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace. Apart from that, KidInspector saves chats in instant messengers WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, and others. And GPS tracking shows the exact child's location.Another useful feature is Site Blocker that allows blocking certain websites from visiting. You can blacklist separate URLs or whole categories of websites, like 'Shopping', 'Adult', 'Drugs', etc.You can view the recorded information through screenshots since the program saves a snap of all active windows. Or you can watch the activity on the computer live via the screen broadcast (Live Viewing).Additionally, KidInspector can record snapshots, video and audio from the built-in webcam and microphone. You can set up recordings by a timer or by a certain child's action. Computer version also allows the broadcasting of the webcam, so you can turn your computer into a simple surveillance system for your home.Everything the program records goes straight to your personal account on a secured could server. Which means that you can get access to the information remotely at any time from any device all over the world.The program is free and very easy to use for everybody. Some basic computer knowledge is enough to install and set it up.

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