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Franchise Hockey Manager 4 is the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy gaming experience you can find. The game is the only PC/Mac game officially licensed by the NHL (R), allowing you to take the reins of your favorite franchise to capture the Stanley Cup (R).Choose one of 24 leagues around the globe and select a team to guide to glory - or create your own hockey universe, or choose a historical NHL start date as far back as 1917. Sign free agents, trade players, draft the next crop of superstars, and much more! This is as close as you'll get to sitting in a General Manager's office without drawing a paycheck from a team. Oversee team finances, keep an eye on the salary cap, hire your staff, put together trade packages, make contract offers to free agents, and draft the newest generation of stars. Take over a team in one of over 24 playable leagues that feature real current rosters based on countless hours of detailed research into player ratings. In addition to the National Hockey League license, which gives FHM 4 real logos, uniforms, and histories for all 31 teams, the game features North American minor leagues, Canadian major juniorleagues, and multiple levels of European hockey leagues. FHM 4 features even more ways to set up a league. In additional to pre-configured structures, choose the number of conferences and divisions in your league, its schedule length, and the number of teams. Travel as far back as the 1917-18 season and enjoy historically accurate rosters, including the early major leagues in western Canada! FHM 4 puts more hockey history at your fingertips than any game ever released. In addition, try one of FHM 4's 30 new historical challenges (one per NHL team) and see if you can repeat, or improve on,such successes as Montreal's 1950s dynasty, Philadelphia's 1970s expansion wins, and Vancouver's wild ride to the 1982 Stanley Cup Final!

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