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Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition 2018r2 (120.67 MB)

Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition 2018r2 (120.67 MB)

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Publisher : Altova, Inc.
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Title : Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition 2018r2
Version : 2018r2
Release date : Apr 17, 2018
Price : USD$629
Licence : Demo
System Requirements :
Application URL :
Size : 120.67 MB
Date added : May 26, 2017
Date updated : Apr 26, 2018
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Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition is a powerful visual stylesheet and report designer for transforming XML, XBRL, and database data into HTML, RTF, PDF, and OOXML/Word 2007 output, and eForms. It is standards-compliant and supports XSLT 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, XSL:FO, CSS, JavaScript, and all major databases. In one simple step you can access XML, XBRL, and/or database data, process it, and render it in 5 different output formats - you can even generate a fully functional ASPX Web application. StyleVision has a powerful scripting editor and both Java and COM APIs. It includes a built-in HTML importer that converts a Web page into an XML file, XSLT stylesheet, and XML Schema In addition, wizards will help you dynamically design stylesheets for financial reports including charts from XBRL. You can design and build templates for use with Authentic, Altova’s WYSIWYG XML and database content editor. Authentic forms let users directly access and edit XML documents and/or databases without being exposed to XML syntax. Design presentation output in either a document-flow or layout-based model. You can even upload a blueprint image to use as a guide foryour design template. Output or XSL code can be viewed at any time. Stylesheets can be based on XML Schemas, DTDs, XBRL taxonomies, database structures, or even existing XSLT files, and support business logic validation, charting, complex tables, HTML/CALS tables, barcodes, tables of contents, conditional formatting, direct template filtering, date control, XML digital signatures, and much more. Deployment has never been easier - XML, Schemas, and all design elements can be distributed in a single Portable XML Form (PXF) file. StyleVision is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions and integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio and Eclipse. Altova StyleVision is the ultimate tool for single source, multi-channel publishing. Design with style! Download a free trial of StyleVision 2018r2 Enterprise Edition at

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