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Lemonce Editor 2.0.11 (36.7 MB)

Lemonce Editor 2.0.11 (36.7 MB)

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(More programs developed by TIANJIN OR-CHANGE, CO., LTD)
Title : Lemonce Editor 2.0.11
Version : 2.0.11
Release date : Aug 09, 2017
Price : USD$299
Licence : Shareware
System Requirements : Memory:1.5G ; Hard Disk:60MB
Application URL :
Size : 36.7 MB
Date added : Aug 21, 2017
Date updated : Aug 21, 2017
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Lemonce Editor is an automated web UI testing tool that lets you create and perform functional and regression web tests with less effort. Its advanced GUI recognition techniques allow you to record and play back tests accurately and reliably.With plug-in free installation, Lemonce can work on Windows, Mac or Linux machines to test any web applications, including mobile web apps. It is easy to set up and use for any testers.Even beginner testers can start test automation in a few minutes.Lemonces web UI recognition can implement accurate element identification and selection, so you can record and paly back any web action reliably with high GUI recognition accuracy. When recording, the tool can auto-generate notes and readable codes, and even assertions are also added automatically.An intuitive code editor with syntax highlighting allows you to edit and customize test cases easily. Unlike Selenium or QTP (UFT), Lemonce doesnt require a heavy workload on coding to perform complex testing projects. Reusable test components, including function libraries and code & action modules, are available to help you save much time when editing multiple test cases.Testing reports are simple and readable with test execution overview, detailed logs, and error backtracing helpers. The inbuilt reports and logs will greatly improve your testing teams productivity and performance.LemonCase2 is a high-level script language used to describe test case. It uses simple and intuitive syntax to emulate user actions which makes it more readable and improve maintainability. It is very easy to learn for testers who are not required to master advanced coding skills.

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