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CLAD Genius 1.0B1974 (9.15 MB)

CLAD Genius 1.0B1974 (9.15 MB)

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Publisher : CLAD Genius
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Title : CLAD Genius 1.0B1974
Version : 1.0B1974
Release date : Jan 23, 2015
Price : USD$524.90
Licence : Demo
System Requirements : CPU: 1GHz, RAM: Total - 1Gb, available(free) - 512Mb, Network connection to the internet
Application URL :
Size : 9.15 MB
Date added : Nov 14, 2014
Date updated : Sep 01, 2015
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CLAD Genius - #1 Classified ad posting software for over 5+ years. Utilize this tool to mange your campaigns online. The software supports Craigslist, Backpage, & Ebay Classifieds (Kijiji).Craigslist ad posting support. Post to any city, state, country available on Craigslist.Backapge ad posting support. Post to any city, state, country available on Backpage.Ebay Classifieds (Kijiji) ad posting support. Post to any city, state, country available on Ebay Classifieds.Ad Managers to help you build dynamic ads for each campaignAd randomization, including thesaurus support, hidden text, word mutation, tokens and 1000's of built in directives to automate the process of ad posting.Gmail & Hotmail Account Creator support.Email & Craigslist Account creators to increase success building and posting your ads.Phone verification support with various features. Now you can verify your Craigslist accounts all from the same software.Ad scheduling to give you complete control of when and how often your ads are posted. for preciseProxy Rotation, DSL, Cable, and various other services are supported. Get your ads live and save time using Classified Ad Genius (CLAD Genius)Manual/Automatic Captcha recognition with new services updated consistently with ever new build.Web browser HTML automation to review posting and creating you ad campaigns.Support for any Windows OS XP Service Pack 3 or higherCLAD Genius is constantly evolving with new features and additions to the software. We have serviced 1000's of business', car dealerships, ad posters, marketers and more for over 5+ years. We stand behind our product and will always create new ways to make things easier for our clients. Please download the free fully functional demo today and begin driving more leads, traffic and money into your business. Let our software handle all the hard work while your business or company lives off the benefits. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.

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