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PureVPN Mac VPN Software 5.9.1 (18.15 MB)

PureVPN Mac VPN Software 5.9.1 (18.15 MB)

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Publisher : GZ Systems Ltd.
(More programs developed by GZ Systems Ltd.)
Title : PureVPN Mac VPN Software 5.9.1
Version : 5.9.1
Release date : Nov 24, 2017
Price : USD$9.95
Licence : Commercial
System Requirements : Requires OSX 10.10 or higher
Application URL :
Size : 18.15 MB
Date added : Oct 28, 2016
Date updated : Dec 21, 2017
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PureVPN, the industrys best VPN service offers state-of-the-art encryption, complete anonymity and dozens of features. PureVPNs VPN client for Mac offers premium encryption to enhance your online privacy and security.Recent changes: - Integration of Stealth VPN protocol - New protocol: IPsec - OSX Sierra compatibility - Improved UI - Connect/Disconnect directly from status bar - Logout functionality - Now features a new and far effective support system Multilingual PureVPN's VPN app for Mac has gone multilingual. Users can now use PureVPNs Mac VPN client in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, and French languages and enjoy the best VPN service. Auto-Reconnect Option PureVPNs best VPN services' Mac VPN app comes with auto-reconnect feature which quickly reconnects the client ifthe VPN connection drops. This keeps PureVPN users secure at all times. Improved UI The updated UI for best VPN for Mac allows users to connect/disconnect via status bar menu and navigate to modes via dashboard. UI of the app's settings have also been updated and improved. Purpose Selection Thebest VPN Mac client helps users select the best settings via a single click for a particular purpose. For example, if a user wants to un-throttle their bandwidth while staying secure on the internet, they simply have to choose I want to stream and the best VPN service will instantly connect with the most suitable configuration. Wi-Fi Security Users are neither safe on private, nor on public Wi-Fi. This is why PureVPNs best VPN services' Mac VPN client encrypts all user data to secure their privacy and data, allowing them to be safe on all wireless connections. Optimized for OS X Sierra The Mac VPN client also supports OS X Sierra. PureVPNs Mac client has been optimized to work with all Mac versions including v.10.12x, allowing users to enjoy the best VPN service.

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