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PC Spy Monitor 11.60 (3.38 MB)

PC Spy Monitor 11.60 (3.38 MB)

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Publisher : eMatrixSoft
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Title : PC Spy Monitor 11.60
Version : 11.60
Release date : Sep 27, 2018
Price : USD$39.99
Licence : Shareware
System Requirements : Intel PIII 1G, 512MB RAM
Size : 3.38 MB
Date added : Nov 05, 2015
Date updated : Sep 28, 2018
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PC Spy Monitor secretly monitors Facebook, chats, emails, keystrokes, passwords and sends reports to your email or ftp. It logs Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other IMs. It also takes photo shots of online video talk like a surveillance camera. This may include activities of WhatsApp, Imo, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and Viber. PC Spy Monitor runs so stealthily that the monitored user won't even know it. You can use hotkey to unhide it and change settings. It is a must have tool for you to reveal the truth. What does your child or employee do on the computer while you are away? Are you worried about what they do on the Internet? If you suspect them of doing something bad, there's a good chance you are correct. You deserve the right to know the TRUTH about what they are doing on the computer. What does PC Spy Monitor do? Child Monitoring: Do you know whether or not your child is being SAFE and mature online? Are Internet predators talking to your child on MySpace or Facebook? Your kids could be giving out information that could put your entire family in danger. Employee Monitoring: Do your employees waste time surfing the web or playing games? Do they spend worktime wisely? Do you have employees who are stealing information from you? This type of information leak to your competitors can cost you a fortune. Our top-selling PC Spy Monitor computer spy software can answer all of these questions and more. You'll be able to RECORD EVERYTHING they do on your computer while you are away. Receive hourly reports of everything they do online. PC Spy Monitor can INSTANTLY copy their emails, chat conversations, keystokes, web site surfed, user names and passwords directly to your email! PC Spy Monitor makes it easy to silently see what others do online. After you install, it will begin recording EVERYTHING that is done on your PC. It is COMPLETELY hidden from others.

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