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Tru (21.95 MB)

Tru (21.95 MB)

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Publisher : Better, Inc.
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Title : Tru
Version :
Release date : Sep 15, 2016
Price : USD$0
Licence : Freeware
System Requirements : No special hardware requirement. It should run on any decent Win XP system and above.
Application URL :
Size : 21.95 MB
Date added : Sep 15, 2016
Date updated : Feb 08, 2017
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Tru is an automatic photo organizer that helps you to keep all your photo collection organized without any dupes or confusing folders. Download and get started with Tru in minutes - simply connect all your folders&tell Tru where you'd like your organized photos to be put. Tru scans all your collection and created the fully organized, de-duped set in your destination folder. Try it today for free.Tru scans all your photos and organizes them by date into separate folders (Jan 2016 for example). Its so simple, you'll love it...for all the time it saves you. Most of us have all our photos - our precious memories - dispersed all over on different folder on our computers, on our phone, on ourFacebook account, on Flickr and many such places. It is next to impossible to see them all together, let alone try to find a photo you need from last summer. Tru solves this exact problem, by simply and automatically, pulling all your photos together and organizing them in Month-Year (Jan 2016) folders based on the date the photo was taken. Source is where your photos are. The purpose of Tru is to help you collect photos from all over - folders on your computer and organize them all together, after de-duping cleanly. So a Source is one or more folders on your computer where you may have stored your photos. Tru does remove the photos from the Source folders to optimize storage space as it creates an organized copy of those photos under the Destination Folder.

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