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Maxthon5 Browser (50.7 MB)

Maxthon5 Browser (50.7 MB)

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Publisher : Maxthon (Asia) Limited.
(More programs developed by Maxthon (Asia) Limited.)
Title : Maxthon5 Browser
Version :
Release date : Jul 28, 2017
Price : USD$0
Licence : Freeware
System Requirements : No limitations
Size : 50.7 MB
Date added : Jun 06, 2017
Date updated : Apr 05, 2018
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As the name so clearly points out, this software application is a web browser - just like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Maxthon5 Browser offers all the features and functions you have grown to expect from a web browser: tabbed interface, fast browsing speeds, history and bookmarks, support for extensions, a built-in download and password manager, clutter-free Reader Mode, and so on and so forth.There is one element in this application's name that stands out: the word "Cloud." It's there to advertise the fact that this browser has several cloud-based services to offer. It can use the cloud to sync your favorites across multiple devices, it can use the cloud to push links, text and images,it can even use the cloud to store all your downloads. Maxthon5 Browser is offered for free by its developer. It is available for Windows and it's also available for iOS, Android, and Mac. Cloud-based services: This browser uses the cloud to let you: push text, images, links and tabs to other devices; share files and other data with friends; upload data to the cloud; sync tabs across devices; sync settings, favorites and other data; store downloads in the cloud. Securely browse the web: Maxthon can block annoying pop-ups and ads, it can block malicious websites and phishing attempts, and it can let you know if you're about to visit a site that isn't safe. Reader and Night Mode: Reader Mode gets rid of all the clutter so you can focus on reading the text. Night Mode adjusts the screen's brightness so you can read text in low-light conditions. Familiar interface and skins: Anyone whohas ever used a web browser will find Maxthon's interface familiar and easy to use. Said interface is available in a myriad of languages and it provides support for skins. Built-in RSS feed reader: You don't need a dedicated feed reader to stay on top of all your RSS feeds. You can use Maxthon's built-in RSS reader.

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