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Smarty PCTV 1.0.2 (37.07 MB)

Smarty PCTV 1.0.2 (37.07 MB)

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Publisher : The Corporate Services Group
(More programs developed by The Corporate Services Group)
Title : Smarty PCTV 1.0.2
Version : 1.0.2
Release date : Jan 02, 2014
Price : USD$0
Licence : Freeware
System Requirements : 1GB RAM, .NET 4
Application URL :
Size : 37.07 MB
Date added : Jan 02, 2014
Date updated : Jun 19, 2016
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Smarty PCTV quickly transforms any PC into the world's best Smart TV. Now you have access to the worlds best live and on-demand TV, Movies, Radio and Podcasts, as well as your own media. It costs nothing to download, install or use. It's also far easier to use than most dedicated Smart TVs or Streaming Players.Smarty PCTV comes with a vast range of streaming services "right out of the box" and its simple to point and click to add favorite TV channels and streaming services. Each service gets its own big easy to read button with logo. All the big name premium services are there, but in order to watch such services the user may need a current subscription to each of them. However, there is still a vast range of free and on-demand content of high quality that requires no subscription and there are hundreds of such services available in its built-in app store. Visit the Apposphere to add all your favorite channels and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer with a single click. Quick launch icons can also be added to the main menu that instantly launch favorite programs like Skype and email. Smarty PCTV runs on almost any PC up to 10 years old and can be connected to any TV for a full Smart TV experience. Add a cheap handheld wireless qwerty keyboard, or smartphone as a remote and it turns into the ultimate streaming solution. With a true TV like interface, it's very easy to use and is the only product of its kind that enables an ordinary PC to be used as a smart TV. In fact, since it uses the vast number crunching power of a PC, it is even more powerful and versatile than any smart TV currently available. There is now no need to buy a smart TV when most people already have an old PC lying around that's no longer used. That old PC is all you will ever need for the perfect smart TV experience. This on-demand system is the total cure for channel hopping and overcomes the need for cable or satellite TV.

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