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Checklist Templates 2.29 (2.05 MB)

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Checklist Templates 2.29 (2.05 MB)

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Publisher : VIP Quality Software
(More programs developed by VIP Quality Software)
Title : Checklist Templates 2.29
Version : 2.29
Release date : May 11, 2017
Price : USD$29.99
Licence : Shareware
System Requirements : Pentium 150 MHz or better, 32 Mb of RAM or more, 10 MB free disk space, VGA Video
Size : 2.05 MB
Date added : Apr 01, 2010
Date updated : May 12, 2017
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Checklist templates help you to save the time and money you usually spend on "inventing a bicycle": Business Management Checklists include help you to make your business organized and productive, benefit from meetings, properly pay taxes and keep your business ready for any audits. Project Management Checklists help you manage project processes and provide your team with effective strategies at every phase of the project: from the initiation, presentation, and discussion phases all the way through to closure. Employee Management Checklists include activities to ensure that assignments are consistently being made in an effective and efficient manner, to focus on planning, controlling and monitoring performance of the employees. Customer Management Checklists give you guidelines to help your company to provide customers with great services and earn the best customer recognition because the way how you treat you customers defines the amount of the profit of your company. Company Activity Checklists show you how to plan, coordinate and control your company, how to make your business profitable and liquid and how to create sufficient value for customers so that the revenues exceed its total costs. Self-management Checklists were designed for the purpose of assisting you in managing your attitude in any situations, as well as developing your personal abilities and skills. Education Checklists section will help you be prepared for cases during your studies and training and be ready to face some problems and troubles that may occur any time. Household Checklists includes action plans that will help you to buy the house of your dream, build the best garage, make chores pleasant and easy. Family Checklists are designed to help you take care of your family members because family is the most valued thing in our lives and any of us want children and parents to be well treated. Holidays Checklists include templates to take into account any details concerning

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