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WineBanq (64.05 MB)

WineBanq (64.05 MB)

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Publisher : Justin Martin
(More programs developed by Justin Martin)
Title : WineBanq
Version :
Release date : Feb 15, 2014
Price : USD$54.99
Licence : Shareware
System Requirements : Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework
Size : 64.05 MB
Date added : Mar 13, 2014
Date updated : Mar 13, 2014
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WineBanq - wine cellar software. WineBanq is a flexible, sophisticated and fully featured software application for managing your wine cellar. It provides you with all the tools that you need to keep your cellar up to date and drinking wines at their best. From charts to reports (even creating your own reports), customising the form and grid layouts and there is even a wine dashboard. WineBanq supports Tasting Notes from Winestate Magazine. You can use the Tasting Notes to view reviews of wines in your cellar or add those reviews to your wines.Cellar Management* Easily view and organise your wines.* Quickly add new wines to your cellar.* Restock your cellar using the wine details previously entered.* Rate the wines that you drink.* Single click remove wines from your cellar.* Colour code your wine grid for easy viewing of optimal drinking.* Set default values to be used when adding new wines.* Export wines to a variety of popular formats.* Powerful grid for flexible searching.* Create your own saved searches to be used over again.* Change data with the Bulk Update feature.* Download our collection of wineries, regions, appellations and varieties.Tasting Notes* Easily search for wine reviews.* Add reviews of wines directly to your cellar.* Search for reviews of wines already in your cellar.* View/print reports on Tasting Notes.* Easily download and install Tasting Notes.Adding New Wines* Easily add multiple wines.* Each bottle can have its own individual details.* Unlimited number of wines and bottles can be entered (up to physical database limits)* Associate any number of internet links for each wine.* Attach any number of external documents to each wine.* Records details of multiple reviews for each wine.Updating Wines* Easily update wines already stored in your cellar.* Wines can be easily restocked using existing details to save on re-keying.* Apply rating when taking

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