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British Bingo 1.46 (314 KB)

British Bingo 1.46 (314 KB)

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Publisher : British Bingo
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Title : British Bingo 1.46
Version : 1.46
Release date : Jun 27, 2016
Price : USD$0
Licence : Freeware
System Requirements : Browser
Size : 314 KB
Date added : Mar 15, 2016
Date updated : Jan 17, 2017
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Play a free and easy game of bingo with 3 by 9 boards. The game runs in your browser and is written in Javascript. The game simulates the other players. Players make mistakes. They forget to mark numbers and mark the wrong numbers. Players chat. For example, saying they only have a few numbers left, or telling you when you have forgotten to mark a square. Players leave, join and re-join between and during games. You can cheat and get the game to correctly mark your board. You don't have to call 'line' or 'house' before the next number is called. There is no limit to the number of players (try 300,000). You can adjust the speed of the game and most sizes. You can choose to see the boards of the other players at your table or the boards of all the players. The game can play for you. You can hear the the players and the caller talk. The game is Free Software and has a GPL v2 license. There are no charges. The game is one HTML page, is less than a megabyte in size, has no graphics files and uses no Javascript libraries. The Javascript is 'minimised' with whitespace removed and names shortened. The source code is available

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