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Falcogames CHOOFI 1.2 (16.98 MB)

Falcogames CHOOFI 1.2 (16.98 MB)

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Publisher : Falcogames
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Title : Falcogames CHOOFI 1.2
Version : 1.2
Release date : Feb 18, 2016
Price : USD$0.00
Licence : Freeware
System Requirements : Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/Win7, 16 MB RAM, Pentium-133 MHz, 32 MB hard disk space
Size : 16.98 MB
Date added : Nov 20, 2015
Date updated : Dec 29, 2016
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Plot:Planet S-187 resides in the Orion constellation, populated by Chufyrchiks. They are relatively primitive and are just starting to develop and exploit their natural resources. The only source of energy islight material from which they develop various mechanisms and machines.During a test run of antigravity, installation of equipment failedand part of the polygon-shaped land test area began to rise into the sky. Chufyrchiks who workedlandfill hurriedly evacuated except for Chifa who was very shy and hid instead.A few hours later, he ventured out of his hiding place and looked around. Pieces of landrose further into space from S-187, including construction debris, pieces of skin,debris and clumps of light material ...To return home, Chifa needs to find the right parts to repair the old light material generator, but this task is not so simple ...Gameplay:You have to run Chifa through 6 levels to collect the necessary parts to repairthe light material generator.At the top of the screen you'll encounter floating plating debris, garbage, and other clumps of light materialresources needed for the construction of machines and different mechanisms.The goal of each desired level is to build mechanisms to control gear. To capture the relevantresources Chifa uses soap bubbles. For each bubble shot one unit of light material is consumed.The amount of light material on each level is limited, but can be replenishedby catching clots of bubbles. If you squander all light material, then all is lost, game over.As you progress through the levels you will encounter thieving beetles. They can grabresources by crawling on the ground, are quite shy and when Chifa approaches they will scatter.Some also fly, and they steal resources from your inventory, you can only catch them withvesicles.Also beware of falling into meteor showers. Most of the mechanisms and buildings arefragile and thus destroyed by any contact with a meteorite. Protect them with metalshields.

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