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Internet of Things Developer 3.00 (3.99 MB)

Internet of Things Developer 3.00 (3.99 MB)

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Excellent (5/5) rated by 34 user(s)Excellent (5/5) rated by 34 user(s)Excellent (5/5) rated by 34 user(s)Excellent (5/5) rated by 34 user(s)Excellent (5/5) rated by 34 user(s)

Publisher : Dynamic Applications
(More programs developed by Dynamic Applications)
Title : Internet of Things Developer 3.00
Version : 3.00
Release date : Mar 15, 2018
Price : USD$0
Licence : Freeware
System Requirements : 1280x768+ Display recommend. No Spyware. No Adware. No Data Transfer. No Server. It's your Business.
Size : 3.99 MB
Date added : Dec 08, 2016
Date updated : Mar 20, 2018
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The IoT developer simulation all about developing Smart Homes for every person in the world.Our solutions are based on a differential equation solver, so all we do is declare the formula. Change any input you want, over time, and see Net Profit estimations over 48 months, precisely calculated in System Dynamics. Calculate SocialMedia Followers, Adwords, Website Visitors, Production cost,App downloads, Total Revenue, and Net Profit. Is it possible? - we say yes. Explore the world. Forget about Risk, Civilization, or World Conquest. This is the real game changer. Develop your very own IoT Device, and simulate it's worldwide deployment over time. This is the game. You are inside. Why IoT? Imagine you are a house wife, all day at home. Sometimes when she's cooking a meal for her family, in summertime, it gets pretty warm in the kitchen. She wants to be tidy and clean, and not dirty, sweating and rotten. So she has wished herself an air conditioning, for a long time. When shementioned to her husband, he said it was too expensive. When she mentioned to her 17-year old daughter, she's all about protecting nature and says it's not good for world climate, so she's all against it. One day she thought about a PV System. Looking out of her window, all of a sudden, she saw alot of potential: customers ! And so she develops world's first Photovoltaic System - driven Air Conditioner, a completely autonomic device designated for the Internet of Things. She opens up a Website and two Twitter accounts and if you got any idea about what the Dynamic Applications project isabout, you have already seen that this way, she creates a win-win-win situation for her small family. They got a 21st century mum now. Is it possible? - we say yes. Calculate worldwide expansion over time. Best price you can make. Check your options. Are you ready to go? - Drive. We are DynamicApplications. We are Sharing Economy. We empower people. Follow us to gain.

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