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HelpGear (27.57 MB)

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HelpGear (27.57 MB)

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Publisher : Divcom Software
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Title : HelpGear
Version :
Release date : Dec 07, 2016
Price : USD$299
Licence : Shareware
System Requirements : 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 150MB free disk space
Application URL :
Size : 27.57 MB
Date added : May 04, 2011
Date updated : May 09, 2017
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HelpGear is the ultimate help authoring tool for creating help file resources including HTML Help (CHM) files, browser based Web Help systems, Word RTF documents, Printed Manuals, PDF Manuals using a single help source. HelpGear includes a feature rich and easy-to-use toolset, including a built-in word processor with dynamic styles and spell-checker, Topic Templates, total Unicode support and an innovative graphical and video file management system, and other tools.HelpGear lets you create help files easily. The easy-to-use GUI provides you with a state-of-the-art feature-rich toolset, including help compilers, help authoring software, CHM help creator, Web Help creator, Printed Manual creator, and tools to quickly compile an Index and Contents Table of yourhelp system. Despite the professional array of tools and features, HelpGear's focus is on saving developers and technical writers time and money so that they concentrate on enhancing help resources. HelpGear is a superlative help compiler no matter what help resource you are creating including PDF manuals, printed manuals, CHM file or help software content. There is no other help authoring software to compare! HelpGear has been designed as an office application to simplify and improve the creation of help documentation. HelpGear delivers the tools to generate high-quality HTML and Web Helpresources in minutes, using only one single help project which means you save time and money in developing software resources and systems. There is no need to manually code CSS or HTML to create help files and resources which are easy-to-use and professionally produced. For those who do wish to manually insert custom HTML code, there is still the option to do so. Whatever your help file and user help resource needs, HelpGear is the ultimate help authoring tool available on the market and is used by thousands of professional developers and technical writers who need to focus on their writing.

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Version: 2018r2sp1 | Release date: Jul 02, 2018 | USD$129 | Licence: Demo
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