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Trash it! 1.80 (1.67 MB)

100% clean on Jun 15, 2009

Trash it! 1.80 (1.67 MB)

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Publisher : Optimus Software
(More programs developed by Optimus Software)
Title : Trash it! 1.80
Version : 1.80
Release date : Jul 14, 2004
Price : USD$29.50
Licence : Shareware
System Requirements : Windows 95
Size : 1.67 MB
Date added : Jun 12, 2008
Date updated : Jun 12, 2008
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Welcome to Trash it!, the premier uninstall utility for the Microsoft Windows platform. If you try out various applications from CD's or the net, and if you are tired of having them mess up your hard drive with files you don't really need, then Trash it! is for you. Use Trash it! to free up your hard drive of files that you have no need for, thus leaving more space for the files that you really need.Just run Trash it! once before you install a program and it will take a snapshot of all files present in your hard drive as well as snapshots of your registry and other system files. Ideally, you should update your scan database just before running an installation program. To make it more convenient for you, the Trash it! Scheduler can automatically detect when you are about to run an installation program, and offer to update the scan database for you. There’s no need to launch Trash it manually! After you finish installing the program, run Trash it! again and it will list the changes made by the installation. You can delete the program right then, or you can save the changes for later deletion.When you uninstall an application using Trash it!, you really do uninstall it completely, not only deleting files installed by that application, but also undoing changes made by the application in your system files and registry.Trash it! also comes with an in-built System Cleaner, that can scan your hard drive and find out files that can be safely deleted, files such as the temporary files (*.tmp), Windows Log files (*.log), Old files (*.old), lost cluster files (*.chk) and so on. It can also clear your windows Temp folder, your Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator cache folder and your Recycle Bin.You can even automate these tasks, for Trash it! also comes with a scheduler that runs in your system tray and starts, cleans up your drive and then exits, without your having to press a single button or a single mouse click! It's like magically getting free disk space!

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