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Free Virtual Girl 2016.3.59 (3.22 MB)

Free Virtual Girl 2016.3.59 (3.22 MB)

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Publisher : Virtual Girl Desktop
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Title : Free Virtual Girl 2016.3.59
Version : 2016.3.59
Release date : Oct 19, 2016
Price : USD$0
Licence : Freeware
System Requirements : 700Mhz, 128MB RAM, 30MB disk space
Size : 3.22 MB
Date added : Jun 20, 2014
Date updated : Oct 19, 2016
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Even when you're working at your computer, you still need some amusement! Free Virtual Girl is a Windows app that turns you on in many ways! The pretty writhing models keep you smiling and motivated as they prance around your screen in skimpy outfits. Girls from all over the world and with the most desirable bodies have presented themselves to please you all day, every day on your computer. Ever wanted your own daily private lapdance? It's all yours with the Free Virtual Girl software that's taken the online community by storm. Millions of users enjoy its awesome features and now here's your chance to get into the groove! Watch that wild and wicked hottie bare all her secrets for your eyes only, with a full nude show available in the registered version. There's loads of booty-bouncing and so much more to see when you download the Free Virtual Girl desktop application. Gorgeous girls are waiting to be installed on your computer so they can striptease and also give you an exclusive erotic show for your delight!Free Virtual Girl is an adult entertainment app that continues to thrill users even after so many years in existence. It's such a phenomenon among connoisseurs of beautiful strippers and models. These are not mere cartoon characters or simulated tricks; they're real-life women, flesh and blood hotties who come alive on your desktop. This is one toolbar enhancement you'll treasure for a long time to come. Seeing such beautiful, alluring and lovely faces every time you're on your computer will surely enliven you. Don't wait till you get sick of your same-old desktop: change things up with this virtual reality app gem known as Free Virtual Girl. Sweet and lovely, or rough and raunchy, there are girls to suit your every mood. Choose one or more gorgeous girls and let her dance on your desktop, playing and flirting with you all the while!

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