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Hot Alarm Clock 5.1.1 (12.74 MB)

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Hot Alarm Clock 5.1.1 (12.74 MB)

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Publisher : Comfort Software Group
(More programs developed by Comfort Software Group)
Title : Hot Alarm Clock 5.1.1
Version : 5.1.1
Release date : Jan 26, 2016
Price : USD$19.95
Licence : Shareware
System Requirements : 30 MB of disk space, DirectX
Application URL :
Size : 12.74 MB
Date added : Mar 01, 2012
Date updated : Sep 24, 2017
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Turn your PC into a powerful alarm clock! Wake up to your favorite music or tune to an online radio station of your choice, use fixed or increasing volume alarms, and get your computer ready by launching programs and opening Web sites on wakeup. With infinite number of highly configurable alarms, Hot Alarm Clock is super flexible and customizable. Setting a one-time wakeup call is easy, but configuring multiple complex alarms to wake you up on different days of weeks or calendar dates is not rocket science either. The amount of flexibility is enormous - you just cannot beat a PC when it comes to advanced settings!Hot Alarm Clock comes equipped with alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown clock and countdown timer, a system of birthday reminders and everything else you can imagine to schedule the time. 32 custom skins make Hot Alarm Clock look fresh every time you look at it. Hot Alarm Clock offers multiple clocks to display the time in different time zones. Multiple birthday reminders are available to give you advance notice on all your friends' birthdays or congratulate your family members with their favorite tunes. Supporting MP3/WAV/OGG/AIFF formats, Hot Alarm Clock can wake you up to your favorite song or tune to a live Internet radio station of your choice. Increasing volume alerts will gradually raise sound volume to wake you up smoothly. If you put your computer to sleep at night, Hot Alarm Clock will help you conserve power by automatically waking it up from sleep mode and putting it back to sleep when it's no longer needed. Make sure you're using precision time by letting Hot Alarm Clock sync with atomic clock! Hot Alarm Clock can sync automatically on a schedule, ensuring that your PC is always using the right time.

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