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Aml Pages French Version 9.82b2730 (4.19 MB)

Aml Pages French Version 9.82b2730 (4.19 MB)

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Publisher : G&G Software
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Title : Aml Pages French Version 9.82b2730
Version : 9.82b2730
Release date : Feb 09, 2018
Price : USD$29
Licence : Shareware
System Requirements : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10; 64 MB of RAM; 6 MB of HDD space; Mfc42.DLL
Size : 4.19 MB
Date added : Apr 27, 2016
Date updated : Mar 14, 2018
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Aml Pages is tree-structured notes manager for Windows. It contains all your notes, information, web pages, passwords, URL-address in the form of a tree, so you can quickly find what you need. Manage megatons of your notes with ease at work and at home.Why I need it on my PC? Have you ever thinking "good idea, I must write it down somewhere" and can't remember it next day? The solution for all such problems and more now has name "Aml Pages". It allows you to store all your important information quick and easily. It helps you to organize it so,that you can always find what you need right now. Information is organized as tree - most comfortable way to store and group such type of information. You could mark each node of tree as you wish - you could change it's font, size, style and color. You can easily insert tables, links, pictures, dates and times. URLs and mail addresses are recognized automatically and highlighted appropriately. You can capture and store a screenshot of any area of the screen directly from Aml Pages. You have powerful search engine which allows you to set many parameters for searching: date of adding or modifying, data type etc. You could do a search through all tree or it's part. You can set adjustable filter to hide unnecessary parts and highlight only important data. You could put a bookmark to any place in the data tree. All bookmarks are visible on a special panel. There is many way of navigation viabookmarks: mouse click, hotkeys, context menu. Have you ever found very interesting web page during serfing the web, and some days after can't find it anymore? With Aml Pages you could save complete web-page or its part by one hotkey pressing. Drag-n-drop technology is also supported - just drag selected text from any text editor or web-browser. Many localizations are available: English, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian and many more. Many free plugins is available.

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