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Jolix CD-DVD Burner 1.5.0

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Jolix CD-DVD Burner 1.5.0 (2.29 MB)

Jolix CD-DVD Burner 1.5.0 (2.29 MB)

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Publisher : Jolix Tools
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Title : Jolix CD-DVD Burner 1.5.0
Version : 1.5.0
Release date : Feb 06, 2014
Price : USD$0
Licence : Freeware
System Requirements : MS Windows
Size : 2.29 MB
Date added : Sep 11, 2013
Date updated : Feb 07, 2014
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Jolix CD-DVD Burner is the proper solution for those of you with frequent CD/DVD burning necessities and little time to waste. The program is exceptionally good at helping you creating backups and creating/reading ISO files. Whether you wish to burn audio CDs from your digital music collection to enjoy it on your CD player, or while driving or you wish to have favorite movies burned to DVDs, this program takes care of the tasks like a pro.In terms of handiness and files management system, Jolix CD-DVD Burner ranks at the top: well-organized tabs, windows and icons, features made easily accessible to avoid confusion. In creating this app, a highly efficient engine and cutting edge burning technology was used.Jolix CD-DVD Burner has a main window containing seven simply arranged icons: Data CD, Data DVD, Audio Disc, Video Disc, Write Image, Copy Disc, Read Disc and a top customizable toolbar (for customization go to View button at the top of the window, select Toolbars and then Customize). The program includes many more configuration options for various features such as General, Advanced, Language, Shell Extensions.What Jolix CD-DVD Burner has to offer:Support for creating custom dataSuper-fast time saving burning to CD/DVDAllows you to create rewritable and multisession discsAllows you to create direct disc copies, on the fly or using a temporary disc imageRecords disc imagesOption to save (and encode) audio and data tracks to filesBurns a previously created image file to a discRecords to dual-layer DVDsBurns disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE)Reads and saves audio and also data tracks to files (formats supported include wma, wav, mp3 and .iso)Erases rewritable discs through multiple methodsProvides complete disc informationScans for errors of tracks the user specifies

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